Fhotoroom for Windows 10

Fhotoroom for Windows 10

A simple photo editing app for Windows 8


  • Tons of filters and effects
  • Solid set of basic editing tools
  • Import photos from anywhere on your drive


  • Pro upgrade doesn't add much
  • Stale interface


Fhotoroom for Windows 8 is a basic photo editing application that lets you put borders, filters, and effects on your pictures.

The interface of Fhotoroom for Windows 8 is very basic. You can only edit one photo at the time but you can import photos from anywhere on your hard drive. While you can only work with one photo at a time, there are a bunch of things that you can do to them.

There are basic edits that you can perform in Fhotoroom for Windows 8 like resizing, rotating, sharpening and more. There are some "Pro" filters and features that you can pay for in the Windows Store. Fhotoroom for Windows 8 also features a ton of photo filters that can make your photos look vintage. There are many of them but they are quite similar and don't offer unique filters like Instagram. Last but not least, you can add frames in Fhotoroom for Windows 8.

While it's great that Fhotoroom for Windows 8 has so many filters and effects, they're too similar to really differentiate from one another so the app feels very basic, even with the pro filters. The interface is very bland and it doesn't feel like much though was put into it. Still, the app and its features are serviceable.

Fhotoroom for Windows 8 will not satisfy people who are looking for advanced editing tools. But if you're just looking to touch up and make your pictures look just a bit more unique, Fhotoroom for Windows 8 is a good choice.

Fhotoroom for Windows 10


Fhotoroom for Windows 10

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